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Physician assisted suicide should be legalized

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Links to more PRO research:


"Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide"

This site provides a lot of information that supports legalizing physician-assisted suicide.  It provides an overview of the issue and provides information about various places that have legalized physician-assisted suicide (such as Oregon).


The American Geriatrics Society: "Physician Assisted Suicide"

This site explains the position of the American Geriatrics Society and provides several arguments in favor of physician-assisted suicide.


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Links to more CON research:


"U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Physician-Assisted Suicide Cases"

This site contains information about Supreme Court cases that are relevant to the issue of physician-assisted suicide.  It also discusses links to the Amicus briefs submitted by various people/organizations before the Supreme Court decisions were reached.  These various briefs contain several arguments in favor and against physician-assisted suicide. Specifically, the brief submitted by the International Anti-Euthanasia task force has several opposition arguments and the brief submitted by the ACLU.


"Practical Issues in Physician-Assisted Suicide"

Rather than focusing on the ethical debate, this article focuses on what the author refers to as the "practical issues" in physician-assisted suicide.  Specifically, the article examines some of the problems currently involved in the application of physician-assisted suicide that need to be considered by policy makers.


"Pitfalls of Physician-Assisted Suicide"

This article provides information about the Supreme Court decisions regarding physician-assisted suicide.  Additionally, it provides several arguments against legalizing physician-assisted suicide.