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School vouchers should be allowed

PRO (0 assertions)

Links to more PRO research:


"What Would A School Voucher Buy?? The Real Cost Of Private Schools"

This paper is useful for the proposition. David Boaz and R. Morris Berrett, of the CATO institute, explain why public schools are failing, how vouchers are cheaper for the government than public education, and how vouchers empower families.


"School Vouchers"

Both sides will find arguments to create a case in this policy brief. The Center for Education Research, Analysis, and Innovation uses research and statistical information to explain arguments for and against vouchers.


"School Vouchers"

 Both sides can use this policy brief. The College of Human Services, Edcation, and Public Policy of the University of Delaware examines key issues behind the voucher debate using research studies.

CON (0 assertions)

Links to more CON research:


"School Vouchers: The Wrong Choice for Public Education"

The opposition can use this site to understand arguments against vouchers. The Anti-Defamation League explains their arguments about why vouchers are dangerous.


This is useful to the opposition. The National Education Association presents educational, social, legal, and political arguments against vouchers.