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Topics Homepage> Single sex schools are better for students than co-ed schools in grades K-12

Single sex schools are better for students than co-ed schools in grades K-12

PRO (0 assertions)

Links to more PRO research:


"Separate - But Still Short-Changed"

An interesting article, originally published in the Washington Post, that explores the need to further study the costs and benefits of separating girls and boys in the classroom. The authors believe that single-sex instruction can be valuable but also dangerous. Arguments for both sides are in this article.


"Single-Sex Schooling 'Benefits Girls'"

From the British newspaper, the Guardian, a report that single-sex education helps girls do better in math and science.


"Single-Sex Classes Give Scores a Boost"

An article from the Las Vegas Sun explores the reasons to prefer single-sex education while outlining current policy towards single-sex instruction.


“Single Gender Classes: Are they better?”

This can be used by either side and is a good introduction to the issue.


“Why Gender Matters”

This is a book review by Leonard Sax, a doctor and supporter of single sex schools. This could be used for the position in a case construction with good arguments and links to other articles.


“K-12 Single-Sex Education: What Does the Research Say?”

This provides good data that shows the beneficial affects of single sex education on girls.


CON (0 assertions)

Links to more CON research:

"California Study: Single-sex no cure-all"


A report on the California project several years ago to test single-sex instruction. The program was ended, and this article explores the reasons for that. A great resource for understanding the opposition side of the topic.


"Is Single Gender Schooling Viable in the Public Sector?"

This a report that shows that single sex education in a California pilot program hurts gender identity and could not work as a public policy.


“Single Sex schools fail to make sense”

This provides the most popular arguments against single sex schools.