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Stem cell research should be expanded

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Links to more PRO research:

"Stem Cell Research Foundation"

This website provides several links that will assist you in preparing for the proposition side.  It includes links to important updates about the progress of stem cell research.


"Embryonic stem cell therapy 'best route'" (BBC News)

Professor Harry Moore describes why expanding embryonic stem cell research is important. He argues that embryonic stem cells are the key to fighting many incurable medical conditions and diseases. 


Life Issues: "Stem Cell Research: Some Pros and Cons"

This article provides answers to some key questions in the stem cell debate; it strives to be informative,  rather than persuasive. It also summarizes the positions of both sides on the various positions (although the author appears to support banning embryonic stem cell research so the article is not entirely balanced).


CON (0 assertions)

Links to more CON research:

"Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics"

This site provides a lot of information about why expanding stem cell research is unethical and unnecessary.  It also contains links to many relevant news articles. Below are descriptions and links to specific pages on the site that students might find useful.


"Embryonic stem cell therapy 'morally unacceptable'" (BBC News)

This article explains why embryonic stem cell research is unethical and explores some of the alternatives to stem cell research.