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Topics Homepage> The U.S. should invest more in alternative energy rather than fossil fuels

The U.S. should invest more in alternative energy rather than fossil fuels

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Links to more PRO research:

“Alternatives to fossil fuels”

This is a great graph from the Christian Science Monitor that shows all the alternatives to fossil fuels.


“Alternative Fuel Data Center"

This comes from the U.S. Department of Energy. It has a lot of great facts on alternative energy.


"Fossil Fuels"

Both sides will find useful information on this page, designed by a science teacher. The advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels are explained.


"North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association: Renewable Energy"

Five renewable energy resources are explained and critiqued.


"Alternative Energy: Problems and Solutions"

The proposition can use this site to build a case for renewable energy. Arguments against fossil fuels and information promoting alternative energy are present within the site.

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Links to more CON research:

“Are there alternatives to fossil fuels? ”

This is an answer from a scientist to the question of alternatives to fossil fuels, that there are no suitable alternatives. 


“Microorganisms solution to fossil fuels”

This is an article from Science Daily. It argues that fossil fuels can be replaced by microorganisms.


"Replacing Fossil Fuels: The scale of the problem"

This is a briefing document that argues that the only alternative is nuclear power, which is dangerous and bad for the environment. 

"Consumer Energy Council of America: Fossil Fuel Facts"

In a question and answer format, the council explains the pros and cons of different kinds of fossil fuels.