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American Intervention in Iraq During the Iraq War Did More Good Than Harm

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Links to more PRO research:

"Balanced Politics:  War on Iraq"

Both sides can use this site. lists major arguments for and against military intervention in Iraq.


"  Should the US Attack Iraq With or Without the UN?"

Both the proposition and opposition will find this site useful. US/Iraq ProCon goes into detail about issues surrounding the war including history, oil, the cost of war, Saddam Hussein, global security, and terrorism.

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Links to more CON research:

"A Necessary War"

This article is useful to the opposition. Reuel Marc Gerecht looks past obvious objections about military intervention and analyzes how intervention


"War in Iraq: Not a Humanitarian Intervention"

The opposition can use this report to prepare. The Human Rights Watch explains why US military intervention in Iraq has done more harm than good in terms of humanitarian efforts.