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Cell Phones Should be Allowed in Schools

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Links to more PRO research:

"Schools Try to Draw the Line for Wired Kids"

This article, from the Houston Chronicle, is useful for both sides to prepare. It explains the arguments for both sides of the debate about cell phones in schools.


"Hold the Phone"

This article will help both sides. The National School Boards Association weighs both sides in the debate about cell phones in schools and shows examples of different policies in different districts regarding cell phone use in schools.


"Schools Make Rules for Cell Phone No-Nos"

This is another article that will help both sides in the debate. Reporter Catherine Donaldson-Evans shows how schools are reacting to cell phones in schools and what some of the consequences of restricting phones might be. She also shows that regulations may be more effective than a simple ban on phones.

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Links to more CON research:

"High-tech cheating comes to high schools"

The author, reporting for The Detroit News, shows that there is a concern that cell phones will allow students to cheat more easily.